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Formerly Job Futures


From the Ground Up

CoAct identifies grassroots services needed in communities and the partners that can make it happen.

Our network is made up of diverse organisations who all bring different strengths and knowledge which can be shared.

They work in a range of communities in remote, regional and metropolitan areas. Each community has unique challenges which stimulate new thinking. Very often, by the time we have devised a solution, community leaders and Government are unaware that problems existed.

As leaders in on-the-ground, home-grown innovation, we invest in community programs which are sometimes unfunded, but which deliver essential services that would not otherwise exist. Sometimes, we see better ways of delivering and funding existing services. Pilot programs are then carefully planned, connected with partners, resourced and tracked.

We have a reputation for finding new ways to help the most disadvantaged. It might be we learn that indigenous job seekers experience a higher success rate when they are a paired with an indigenous mentor. Or we might create a training program that uses at-risk boys' love of smash-up derbys to teach them the panel beating trade and get them off the streets.

Our national reach allows us to share our knowledge. So, if it works in Perth, it might work in Brisbane - and it's our job to see if it does.

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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