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About Australia’s Green Army Providers


Green Army is an initiative for young Australians aged 17–24 interested in protecting their local environment. It’s a hands-on, practical, grass roots action programme that supports local environmental and heritage conservation projects across Australia. As a Green Army Provider, CoAct works with the Department of Environment and project sponsors to deliver projects guided by local community needs that contribute to Australia's environmental priorities.

Delivering environmental projects across Australia

We facilitate Green Army initiatives across New South Wales, ACT, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria. Teams of 10 carry out activities for projects lasting up to 26 weeks. Projects include restoring and protecting habitat, weeding, planting, cleaning up creeks and rivers, and conserving cultural heritage places.

They can happen almost anywhere; in urban, regional and remote Australia, on public land, Indigenous-held lands, or private land where there are community, environmental or heritage benefits.

Environmental programs that benefit all parties involved

These projects are not just great for the environment: they also present wonderful opportunities for young Australians to gain skills and experience while being paid to make a difference. Participants take part in work that makes a genuine, positive impact on the environment while further equipping them for future development on a personal and professional level.

This philosophy is central to CoAct as it reinforces the strength of the community, improves the environment and enables individuals to grow through opportunities that have real and lasting benefit. We are one of five providers chosen by the Australian Government to carry out these environmental projects, which will receive over $360 million in funding throughout a four-year period from July 2015.

Get in touch and find out how to join a Green Army project

Our friendly and experienced team is always happy to answer enquiries of any kind, so contact us by phone or email and we’ll give you any information you need. Otherwise, visit us in person by finding your closest CoAct member and have a chat with us to find out how you can become involved in a project as part of this highly rewarding initiative.

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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