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Formerly Job Futures

Why the change

We have a proud heritage as Job Futures. But as the world becomes increasingly more interconnected, employment is now inextricably linked with many other community services. So the time has come to reflect that change in our name.

The new CoAct brand achieves two objectives.

CoAct delivers opportunities for the disadvantaged

Our mission is to create social and economic opportunities for the disadvantaged. These days, that involves more than just employment.

The increasingly complex nature of social problems means we are forced to help people with a wide range of barriers by collaborating with a wide range of partners. CoAct's broad platform for complete collaboration means our clients will be better served.

CoAct delivers value to its members beyond the contract

Our behind-the-scenes Job Futures brand limited our chances of reaching our potential. But as CoAct, our potential to introduce more partners and clients to our members is enormous.

Being a part of a high-profile brand that clearly says 'we are open for collaboration' will open up more diverse revenue streams.

This will mean our members are more sustainable and can look beyond the limited government contract cycles to a secure, long-term future.

Quite simply, organisations with strong brands perform better.

Let us co-design a street-wise solution for your organisation that addresses your business needs and brings opportunities to your community.

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