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Life change is just around the corner – Help for Unemployed Workers Across Australia

Sometimes when finding a job, knowing who to turn to can be the most difficult step. We can introduce you to the support network that already exists in your community and help you tap into it. We believe that every individual and community has the capacity to solve their problems with the right catalyst. We're here to provide the inspiration and support you need to transform your life.

Finding a job is not just about gaining financial security, although this is part of it. Even more important is the personal freedom, self-fulfilment and skills development that comes with employment.

CoAct is a network of community-focused employment services organisations, who share the goal of supporting Australia’s most disadvantaged or marginalised job seekers to find gainful employment. Working with a range of jobseekers, including mature aged, youth, people with disabilities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we help individuals access the services that will provide them with employment. In doing so, we aim to lower all barriers to entry into employment, including financial, social and personal, through on-going mentorship and support.

Our membership network helps the wider community

Our extensive network spans across various states in Australia, meaning we are able to help jobseekers in both regional and metropolitan areas.

But we are not just interested in facilitating effective employer-employee relations. CoAct also works to sustain the networks through fundraising, research and development initiatives that make a difference in the community as a whole. This sustainable, broad-reaching approach has an influence over public policy and community development. In fact, our mission for growth sees us reinvesting more than 90% of revenue into the networks, setting the path for sustainable development. 

Do you need help finding a job? Contact us to be connected to a wide range of services

We are available via telephone and email across Australia to answer any enquiries from the public and from employers. If you prefer, you are also free to drop into one of our offices, located around the nation, for face-to-face service from our dedicated employment consultants.

Our member offices across the country are also able to provide information for those who need help finding a job. 

CoAct is a national network of locally embedded community service providers working together to create social and economic opportunities for Australia’s disadvantaged.
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