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Our Local Heroes


The CoAct Local Heroes program is an initiative which recognises excellence, creates ambassadors and highlights the work we do within our communities both nationally and locally. Our Local Heroes show that we not only deliver services at a local level but we engage, change and build better communities. Each member has a Local Hero to highlight the services and organisation at a local and member level.

Who are our Local Heroes?

Local Heroes can be almost anyone within the community and are an example of what we as a network have set out to achieve. They include:

  • A local business who might to provide training and work opportunities to young people
  • A local job seeker who has overcome adversity to succeed in work and life
  • An older Australian who has provided guidance and opportunities to other people in the community
  • A person who has been long-term unemployed, found work and helped others to do the same
  • A CoAct member employee who has gone above and beyond to activate their local community

Check back after June 24, 2015 to meet our Local Heroes.

Want more information of our local heroes?
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