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Formerly Job Futures


Who we are

Our CoAct member network spans Australia so we can help you wherever you are. Our business model is one of complete collaboration between all our members who work together as a social franchise. The result is a vibrant and innovative network activating and delivering many vital services in regional, remote and metropolitan communities.

Our members

The CoAct network is made up of members embedded in the social fabric of their communities and operate solely for community benefit. Community Activation reflects our competitive advantage; our local knowledge of the best ways to address pressing social needs in communities.

Our leadership

The CoAct Board is composed of Member Directors appointed by the membership at the AGM and Independent Directors appointed by the Board. Our Independent Directors are remunerated. Directors serve a three year term with a maximum tenure of nine years.

Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are inspiring people that show us by example that life change is possible. The CoAct Community Ambassador for 2015 leads a host of Local Heroes Ambassadors, selected from throughout the CoAct Network.

Friends of CoAct

Since 1997, CoAct has partnered with over 100 community-based organisations and each one has added to the rich tapestry of expertise and innovation that is the CoAct network

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