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You can start a ripple effect


Deep down, we are all social creatures. So the desire to participate more fully in family life or the workplace can be a very powerful driving force for change in a person. But you can't do it alone.

Our job is to create the perfect conditions for people to overcome their barriers and participate in society. We smooth the waters in every direction. To do this, we've built a turnkey alliance of specialist organisations and partners which stretches deep and far into local communities. If needed, this network can deliver many services simultaneously.

The diagram above shows the CoAct Turning Point Assessment Model which was developed in conjunction with leading UK research organisation Esher House and launched in October 2013.

This unique assessment approach is used to differentiate between job seekers that are able to gain and sustain employment and those that require more intensive support in order to secure employment.

Matt Little, CEO of Job Futures, says, "The model represents a significantly new way of working in Employment Services and is delivering better results for Australia's unemployed."

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