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Formerly Job Futures


Overcoming barriers


If there are things that are proving to be a bit of a speed hump in your journey to employment, we'll overcome them together. We are connected to a huge number of community partners, so if we don't offer a service in-house, we'll definitely know someone who can help.

Our staff are passionate about changing lives through employment. They’ll spend the necessary time to support you and make you feel that each day is a day of positive transformation.

We'll work with you to overcome common barriers to employment through:

  • Personal Rapport. We build rapport and trust, and spend time doing it.
  • Empathy. We pay attention to your personal relationships and your physical comfort.
  • Respect. We treat everyone as individuals and with respect.
  • Planning. We encourage you to set and achieve goals.
  • Holistic Approach. We address vocational and non-vocational barriers together.
  • Resourceful. We will use all our resources, networks and contacts to help you.
  • Knowledge. As we're part of your community, we can effectively use local labour market information to target training and work experience activities.
  • Adaptability. We use a range of strategies to encourage you to do all that's required.
  • Contact. We are always here to call, talk or help.

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