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Formerly Job Futures


Our research

CoAct wants to better understand unemployment; its causes, how we can eliminate it and how we can better support and activate communities across Australia.

By partnering researchers with innovators, practitioners, policymakers, our members and our clients, our approach ensures our research matches the needs and priorities of those we are trying to help.

Job Lag

Unemployment is a huge problem in Australia, and currently affects more than 720,000* people. 89% of these people are actively looking for work**, but many lack the right skills, training or experience to find jobs.

New research reveals the staggering expense of finding, recruiting and training new staff. This effect is known as ‘Job Lag’ and costs the Australian economy an estimated $6 billion a year, averaging at about 51% of an employee’s annual wage ***. Read the full report here.

Job Lag can be caused by poor recruitment, induction, training, and development practices and the implications are clear. It is an issue that affects everyone - employees, businesses, communities, and government. With many sectors facing real pressures on operating costs, no organisation can afford to ignore Job Lag.

* ABS May 2014 Statistics
** ABS research 2011
*** Baker, 2014, Job lag: The costs of reaching optimal productivity, for semi-skilled workers in the Australian context, pp.16

ICM Performance Review Report

This report is a review of the Intensive Case Management program (ICM) approved by the CoAct (formerlyJob Futures) Board in September 2005 and commenced in February 2006.
On most indicators ICM is proving a major success. This report describes progress to date.

You can read the full report here.

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