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What Happens After Schoolies is Over?

What Happens After Schoolies is Over?

Last December, Year 12 students across the country embarked on Schoolies Week. But after the celebrations are over, many school leavers are faced with the daunting reality of finding work in what can be a tough market for young people.

This was certainly the case for HSC student Ryan*, who lives in a regional town with a population of around 18,000. Ryan had no clear plans for his future once his exams were completed. He’d also had a run-in with the law, resulting in a fine and the loss of his driver’s license.

But lucky for Ryan help was just around the corner, at locally-embedded employment service provider CHESS. As one of CoAct’s national network of Service Partners, CHESS offers a range of support services for job seekers in Ryan’s area. CoAct and CHESS** have also recently begun delivering a NSW Government funded program targeted at helping young people get on the path to employment, called Smart, Skilled and Hired Youth Employment.

Ryan was enrolled in the Smart, Skilled and Hired program with CHESS and the staff there have begun to help him plan his next steps. Through mentoring provided by CHESS, Ryan ascertained that he would like to gain work as a labourer. In less than a month, Ryan has updated his resume and cover letter and started to talk to labouring and building companies in the area. CHESS also helped him organise a way to pay-off his fine, reducing his anxiety and financial stress.

If you are a young person struggling to find work or know someone who could benefit from dedicated job search support, contact CoAct today. 

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons

**CoAct and its Service Partners are one of the organisation delivering Smart Skilled and Hired in the New South Wales region. To find out more visit:

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