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Case Studies

Impact Community Services


Case Study type - Partnerships

Impact Community Services has partnered with Edon Place, Phoenix House, Uniting Care Community, QLD Police Service and schools support services to deliver the Love Bites program to Year 10 students in Bundaberg.


The Love Bites Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault program (Love Bites) is a two-day educational and awareness program that focuses on the development of respectful relationships and violence prevention.

It was designed and run by the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) and has been applauded by teachers, police and community workers and is aimed at youth between the ages of 14 to 16 year olds.

Love Bites involves kids watching films about both domestic and family violence and sexual assault, talking about the issues, and taking part in a number of exercises to define what's acceptable and what's not.

Impact Community Services

Case Study type - Partnerships

Each year the young kids from Impact Community Services' Mental Health Carers program are treated to some fun activities and a sleep over during school holidays.


Impact have teamed up with Sailability, U Can House and the Bundaberg Dragon Boat team to provide respite for kids who live in a home where mental illness is present.

Impact mental health support worker Sharelle said the kids really enjoyed their time out.

"Sometimes they think they're in for hard work when they see the activities we have planned, but when they get out they have such a great time.

"The kids learnt the ropes with Sailability, then had a sleep over at the U Can House, then the next day got behind the paddles with the Bundaberg Dragon Boat team.

"It is a great time for respite and having fun with other kids living in similar circumstances," she said.

Bridging the Gap


Case Study type - Partnerships

Rescuing bikes... and kids

The Bike Rescue Partnership Project (BRPP) is having a positive impact on youth disengagement, which leads to one of society's most pressing problems: youth unemployment.

The 10 week project has changed the lives of five young men, re-engaging them with education and providing them with a qualification.


BRPP is a partnership between Bridging the Gap, Dismantle and the Department of Education.

The purpose of the project is to encourage disengaged young people to become active members of the community while fostering values of worth in themselves.

The participants, aged 16 and 17, strip, repair and restore an old bike then donate it to a local charity.

They then have the option to restore another bike or tidy their own to keep.

A highlight of the project is a three day, two night camp at Fairbridge Valley that includes team building and outdoor activities, such as a 20km mountain bike expedition along the Munda Biddi Trail.

Project coordinator, Chris Braime, said the change in the participants was noticeable.

"I can see that we positively influenced these young people who tend to get overlooked at school due to overcrowded classrooms, combined with literacy and numeracy issues," he said.

Young people are referred to the project from the Department of Education and department representative Barbara Sherriff said the boys all benefitted from the program.

Lou Carey from project partner Dismantle said participants experience a shift in self-confidence when they realise what they've achieved.

Bridging the Gap brings to the project training for participants to achieve Cert I Work Preparation accreditation plus career mentoring through career development specialists.

Four projects are scheduled for 2015.


Case Study type - Partnerships

The Eclipse Family Program is an innovative project acknowledging that families are often the primary support for young people with dual diagnosis and substance abuse issues.


There are many interrelating factors between mental illness and substance use and this program provides an integrated approach for the young person together with their family members and includes client engagement, family counselling, treatment planning, referral and support.

Interact has teamed up with Odyssey House Victoria and Taskforce Community Agency to deliver this program.

MTC Australia

Case Study type - Partnerships

Training alliance announced

Not-for-profit organisations MTC Australia and Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College are working together to deliver a range of Vocational Education qualifications to support English language clients.


Clients who are enrolled in the Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE) at MTC Australia, where they learn language and numeracy skills, will also be able to enrol in a range of qualifications at Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College and complete the qualifications concurrently.

MTC Australia Hornsby SEE Centre Manager, Yu Dai, said that the alliance is a very innovative approach to training and would be incredibly useful for students.

"The alliance involves two Registered Training Organisations working together to help clients overcome multiple barriers, including Literacy and Numeracy, and complete a Certificate II.

"Without the support of the SEE program, the majority of the clients would not be able to complete their qualification.

"We look forward to working with Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College to give our students the opportunity to increase their chances of finding employment."

Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College Inc. Principal, Lesley Burt, said it is a wonderful opportunity for Hornsby Community College to work with another like-minded and nurturing organisation.

"I agree with Yu Dai that this partnership is an innovative approach of integrated training which enables clients to gain two qualifications. Our course will cover computer and basic workplace skills. The students are the real winners.

"I look forward to starting our joint venture."

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